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latest news

July 23th 2021

Because the government issued a decree yesterday that all investment companies can no longer use cryptocurrency to accept investment and send profits. All cryptocurrency transfers will be regarded as asset transfers and there will be suspicion of money laundering. Therefore, our company will stop accepting BTC investment from today. All customers' BTC assets will be issued to customers through bank transfer and other methods. We will announce the specific regulations later.

June 15th 2021

We are about to launch the cryptocurrency futures agent trading business, investors do not need to deposit funds with us, currently we only accept the cooperation of the Bitfinex platform. If investors are interested, please contact us.

March 1st 2021

Because of the increase in the number of members, in order to make it easier to manage members and reduce workload, membership renewal on this website is only supported every year starting from March 1, 2021,The original annual fee is 0.24 BTC, and the March event price is 0.22. BTC, the original price will be restored after April 1.

February 2nd 2021

Our company has launched a membership system from February 2nd, 2021. All investment projects must first join our membership. Members need to pay a monthly membership fee of 0.02 BTC. Membership fees are paid once every three months. Member benefits are exempted For all handling fees, we will continue to introduce more benefits to members.  

January 6th 2021

A new Bitcoin Payment Proof added in our Proof Page today .

December 24th 2020

Merry Christmas to everyone!

More News

Bitcoin Supply Chain is involved in a wide-range of the business fields that are very close to the venture capital industry, stock market trading and Bitcoin mining experts. Since 2010 the company offers long-term investments at the stages of business planning and startups. Venture capital allows us to implement projects with innovative content, and joint ownership of such companies provides a high degree of control over the cash flows as well as timely and accurate settlement of obligations towards investors.

Bitcoin Supply Chain suggests safe investments due to contingency fund, which supports the company's assets to the line with the commitments and is ready to cover all losses or expenses in the case of unsuccessful launch of the project or the occurrence of any force majeure.

Experience and practical application of knowledge by company's analytics make venture capital investments profitable and sufficiently safe for a long period. The official registration of Bitcoin Supply Chain and its activities in the legal field make the company a more advantageous among similar proposals in the sphere of online investments.

Currently Bitcoin Supply Chain offers the best low risk investment options that are available for everyone.

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